About Us

Being a benefactor of sweetness, Bake’s House parcels out love and happiness (literally) in everyday life of people through its amazing range of delicacies like cakes, pastries, cup cakes, etc. If you are in search of a special birthday cake or a sweet ending to an everyday meal, our cake shop offers something for everyone. It’s our bakery, where the aroma of home-style baking weakens even the strongest will.
Our gourmet cakes are loved and appreciated as we decorate them colourful and crazy so as to suit the theme of your party. The team of Bake’s House consists of highly experienced and professional cake and pastry chefs who do guide you in choosing a cake for yourself or making your dream cake come alive. Our clients are proud about every single cake we make and so are we because every single cake that we produce is not just a cake… It’s a Masterpiece!